Dance Policies

Registration Fee:

  • Registration fee for Recreation Dancer $15.00 per child.
  • Registration fee for Competition Dancer $25.00 per child.


Dance Costume Fee:

  • Costumes are $65 for each dance that your child is enrolled in. If they are doing a solo or duet and have a different costume, that is an additional $65.00
  • You may pay half in October and half in November, but ALL costume fees are due by December 1. *If not paid by the time we order costumes you will be charged extra fees.


Dance Tuition:

  • The tuition for one student, for one class is $270.00 for the year. We divide it into monthly payments of $30/month for your convenience.


Dance Annual Discount:

  • Many families choose to pay for the entire year up-front. We are now offering a $20 discount should you choose to do this, making the tuition of one class $250. This payment needs to be received by October 1 to receive the yearly discount.


Dance Recital Fee:

  • There will be a Dance Recital Fee that will cover 4 Tickets, T-shirt and DVD.  Fee TBA.

Payment Policies

Tuition Payments:

  • All payments are due the first week of the month and must be received by the 10th of the month. Please place check payable to “Divine Dance Studio” in the mailbox in the teal studio.
  • We are asking that NO CASH payments be put in the tuition “mailbox.” Cheryl
  • Venditte will be at the studio the first week of every month to accept cash payments (for which you will be given a receipt), and to accept all other tuition payments (Checks/money orders).
  • You may pay via Venmo @Divine-Dance


Late Fee:

  • A $10 late fee will be charged after the 10th of the month.



  • Tuition will not be adjusted if a student misses a class.


Sick Policy:

  • Please DO NOT bring your child to dance class if they are sick. There are a lot of kids coming in and out of the studio and we would like to keep all of the students and teachers as healthy and happy as possible. So if your child left school sick or was not well enough to go to school please do not bring them to class.


Returned Checks:

  • A $25 fee will be charged for all returned checks. After two incidents, payments will only be accepted in the form of cash or a money order.


Multiple Classes/Family Discount:

  • We do offer tuition discounts if your child takes more than one dance class, of if you have 2+ children in dance classes.
    • 1 class - $30/month
    • 2 classes – $55/month
    • 3 classes - $80/month
    • 4 classes - $105/month
    • 5 classes – $125/month
    • 6 classes – $145/month
    • 7 classes – $165/month
    • 8 classes – $185/month
    • More than 8 classes – $200/month


  • Solos are an extra $40 a month, Duets are $25 per person a month. Students must be recommended by instructor in order to perform a solo/duet
  • If you find yourself in a situation where you are struggling with the dance payment, please call Erin at (585) 704 6981 or send an email to Cheryl at: [email protected] Please don’t force us to ask your child to not participate in dance class until their tuition payment is received, communication is key!